Federal & State Compliant Harassment Training for your Industry

Implementing a Sexual Harassment Training program is not only a best practice for preventing harassment and improving workplace culture, for some organizations it’s also the law. In the wake of #MeToo, new state and local laws are requiring employers to provide sexual harassment training to all their employees and managers. Now is the perfect opportunity to replace the old, check-the-box training model with a more modern approach that not only complies with state and local requirements, but is relevant and engaging to your employees.

Archway Benefits has partnered with Traliant and their award-winning Preventing Discrimination and Harassment course covers all federal laws with state-specific editions for California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine and New York.

The course is available in separate versions for employees and managers in a variety of environments, including: corporate office, hotel, restaurant, healthcare, industrial/manufacturing, construction, and retail. For employees outside the US, we also offer Global and Canadian editions.

The courses feature modern, bite-sized episodes with interactive videos highlighting real-world scenarios that your employees will actually enjoy. Courses are refreshed annually with new videos, actors, images, and content as well as being continuously updated to remain compliant with the law.

Contact me today to find out more or to sign up with Trailant at our special rate!

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